WF Venture ScaleUp

Hyper-Growth Business Accelerator

February 2018 | 2-ScaleUp programs - Pune & Hyderabad


Relentless focus on 3 Cs

Customer | Cash | Capacity

Facilitated through Customer Connects, Personalized Growth Coaches and access to Domain Experts


A growth accelerator program that applies Ash Maurya’s Scaling Lean approach to drive hyper-growth for your startup

Program launch in February 2018 at Pune & Hyderabad


WF FMCG Venture ScaleUp

Hyper-Growth Brand And Retail Accelerator

WF Venture ScaleUp is a three-month accelerator program aimed at hyper-growth oriented startups. The program provides focused coaching and consulting on three growth levers – CUSTOMER, CASH, and CAPACITY using SCALING LEAN principles. We provide investor and customer connects as part of the program.

Our growth coaches, domain experts and mentors will work with participating entrepreneurs one-on-one to help achieve tangible growth with focus on right ‘Traction Metrics’.

Ours is a zero-equity and no-fees program.

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Scaling Lean Methodology

  • Build your “Customer Factory” using the lean business model
  • Arrive at the right “Traction Metric” to track and demonstrate your startup growth
  • Use LEAN AGILE Project Management to drive velocity while growing your business

Growth Coaches
and Experts

  • Benefit from personal coaching – intensely over 3 months & follow-ups over next 9 months
  • Connect with domain experts from specific areas like Sales, Digital Marketing, Product Development, HR, Legal, Industry Expertise, UI/UX, Taxation, and Overseas Expansion

Right Connections in the Right Places

  • Strategic customer and investor connects for hyper-growth
  • Curated marquee ecosystem connects
  • Global business connects in 12 countries
  • Extended mentor and investor networks

Ash Maurya

Participating startups will gain insights into scaling their startups and using key metrics for startup growth from Ash Maurya, author, Running Lean and Scaling Lean, and the creator of the Lean Canvas.

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Program Details - Hyderabad

  • Session Starts: February 2018
  • The WF Venture ScaleUp program does not charge fees from participating entrepreneurs

Program Details - Pune

  • Session Starts: February 2018
  • The WF Venture ScaleUp program does not charge fees from participating entrepreneurs


  • Startups with customers and who already demonstrated product-market fit
  • Startups who are poised for scaling and growth
  • Ideas and business models that have potential for hyper-growth

Program Venue


Investor Partners

Outreach Partner

Service Providers

Media Partner

Customer Partners

We are onboarding leading corporates from various industry sectors including telecom, retail, financial services, healthcare and education.

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